To Sleep or Not to Sleep?


To Sleep or Not to Sleep?

At the end of the day, our body is most often exhausted and allows itself to rest by means of sleep. Sleeping is an integral part of our daily lives. It allows our body and our mind to rest, making us all charged up for the following day. Going about a few minutes or hours lacking of sleep can bring significant effects to our daily activities in school, work or even in play. But being deprived of sleep for a longer duration and for several days can result in devastating effects in the physiological, social, psychological and emotional aspects of our lives.

What Happens If I Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Sleeping is the body’s natural way to replenish its energy and repair itself. While we sleep, a number of cellular processes happen that aim to revitalize our different organs and eliminate waste products in our blood. Some of these processes don’t go well when we don’t get enough sleep, leaving our body to be susceptible to negative effects. What happens to our bodies when we are deprived of sleep?

Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Diseases

Many studies have shown that lack of sleep leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases like coronary artery disease. If you don’t get enough sleep, your blood pressure elevates, producing a myriad of signs and symptoms that mostly produce discomfort. Not having enough sleep constricts the blood vessels as well because of stress, leading to weakened arterial walls which are prone to damage.

Weakened Immune System

It’s a natural phenomenon that we often go to sleep whenever we’re not feeling well. Fatigue overcomes us and while we’re sleeping, the immune system does its job to fight off the infection that may be causing fatigue. That is why a good night’s sleep even while having a bout of flu can instantly make you feel refreshed the next morning. People who don’t get enough sleep are more prone to developing these infections and have a harder time dealing with them.

Mood Swings

It’s a fact that we get irritable when we don’t get enough sleep. Our mood suffers significantly as our brain didn’t get the adequate rest that it needed. On average, most people can stay awake for sixteen (16) hours. That means the remaining hours would be allotted for sleep. However, skipping on sleep means that your brain won’t get its share of rest and go overtime, leading to unpredictable mood swings.

Weight Gain or Weight Loss

Lack of sleep is one of the risk factors in obesity and also in being underweight. While we’re sleeping, our body releases a number of hormones that control several functions. For instance, the amount of cortisol or more commonly known as the “stress hormone” released into our body is increased as we lack sleep.

Slower Rate of Cholesterol Synthesis

Our body processes fat or cholesterol at night while we’re asleep. Cholesterol is divided into two types: the high density lipoproteins or HDL, commonly called as the “good” cholesterol and the low density lipoproteins or LDL, commonly called as the “bad” cholesterol. Fat is processed and synthesized into a form that we can use. Excess amounts are stored as adipose tissue or the fat that we see under our skin. However, when we lack sleep, this process is disrupted, leading an increased amount of cholesterol left in our bloodstream.

Unstable Blood Sugar Levels

Increased insulin production is also associated with lack of sleep, promoting the development of diabetes. Usually, our blood sugars drop in the early hours in the morning. If you stay up late, you often experience hypoglycemia or a decrease in blood sugar levels with cool, clammy skin, trembling and weakness as symptoms. But this isn’t a big deal if you’re asleep. Sleep deprivation leads to altering of this process, leading to daytime hypoglycemic events instead.

What Happens If I Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

Having a hectic daily schedule can be exhausting, depleting you of your energy reserves almost completely. Investing a few hours to get a good sleep is a must if you want to feel recharged for the next day. An optimum sleep has its benefits that you may not even be aware of.

Better Memory

When you experience a lack of sleep, several functions of the brain suffers. One of those functions is your memory. Getting enough sleep is important in maintaining a good memory. May it be remote memory or recent memory, sleep is vital in remembering the past. That is why it is often advisable that you get a good night’s sleep before taking that big exam or going to that important interview.

Improved Concentration

When your mind is well rested, your thoughts become clearer. This allows you to focus better on doing your work and accomplish tasks quite effectively. Stress is a factor that leads to poor concentration. Enough sleep can help in regaining your focus and finish your job with utmost efficiency.

Better Mood

As lack of sleep can lead to irritability, a god night’s sleep can put you in a refreshing mood right after you wake up. Physical and mental exhaustion are key factors on how we react to situations and how we interact with other people. Enough sleep can relieve you of these two, putting you in more positive mood.


Healthier Skin

Sleep is the body’s way to repair itself. The skin is one of the fastest repairing organs that we have, shedding dead skin cells daily and replacing them anew. However, lack of sleep can diminish this repair process. Thus, adequate sleep is needed if you want your skin looking fresh and smooth.

Stronger Immune System

When you get enough sleep, a cascade of events follow after it. The refreshing feeling that you get in the morning after a good night’s sleep isn’t just a wonderful sensation. It’s a sign that your body has recovered from the punishment it received the day before and your vital organs are generally functioning at their best capacities. Once everything else is working right, your immune system is also at its peak, protecting your from a number of infections. Load more……

Tips in Buying the Right Microwave for You


Tips in Buying the Right Microwave for You

When it comes to choosing the right microwave, you have to take note of a number of factors like durability, reliability and efficiency, along with a reasonable price. However, with all the brands that keep popping up in the market, it’s getting more and more difficult to choose the microwave that suits your needs. It’s often that you buy a microwave or any appliance for that matter, but they end up being defective, fragile, too big or too small for your home or left broken after a few uses. How do I pick the right microwave? Here are just some tips that you can use:

Think About Size

Before you even think about purchasing a microwave, you have to consider where you’re planning to put it. How big or how small the size of a microwave should be noted since you don’t want to end up with an appliance that’s actually too big for your kitchen.


The higher the wattage, the faster your food will cook. Usually, the wattage of microwaves can be found from 600 watts up to 1,200 watts. Some recipes may require you to microwave your food with a specific wattage so that the food is cooked uniformly. Choosing a microwave with a high wattage means that you can cook food with the least amount of time and also adjusting it to certain recipes.


Similar in purchasing other appliances, you have to look at all the features that your prospective microwave has. It’s a smart choice in buying a microwave that’s programmable. For example, you can program it to cook at 100% and then after a while it reduces the heat to 50%. Another thing to consider is its variable cooking settings. Lastly, other handy and convenient features should be looked at like a defrost feature or specialized cooking for certain food like popcorn, meat and vegetables.


Microwaves are difficult to clean, especially after extensive use. Those without handles or those with reverse handles are easier to clean. Since there are times when food or sauces are spilled inside the microwave, a handy feature is the non-stick quality found in some microwave brands. This makes it a lot easier to clean without having all the food, oil and sauces sticking on the interior of the microwave.



Being too conscious about brand names but scrutinizing the quality and reliability of a particular company’s products is a must if you want to purchase a high quality microwave. Low quality products are frequently found in stores. These are often easily broken, already defective or just give you a couple of weeks or months before breaking down completely. This leaves you losing money from what you’ve bought and what you’ll be spending to get a new microwave. There are trusted brand names when it comes to microwaves and it’s wise to take a look at them first.

The microwave is one of the essential appliances in your kitchen. Being able to cook food quickly and in a particular detail, having a microwave is convenient. With these tips, you now know what you should look at when choosing the right microwave for your needs.

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Points to Remember for a Great Amarillo Garden


Points to Remember for a Great Amarillo Garden

At first glance, gardening may seem all too easy for anyone to do. With the right tools and equipment, you can start tending the soil of your lawn and plant the seeds of your prospective trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables to add life to your garden. However, that misconception often leads beginners to their demise as nurturing a garden needs a specific set of skills, an extensive stock of knowledge about gardening and the willpower to put in a significant amount of time, effort and resources to make a beautiful garden.

The region of Amarillo is unique when it comes to the location of your garden. Its warm climate that possesses unpredictable weather with hot and dry summers and the occurrence of blizzards during winter can be significant obstacles for you’re the survivability and overall quality of your garden. The soil is also difficult to manage because of its compact state and since it’s generally hard in nature.

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There are certain things that you need to take note of to make sure your garden stands out even though you’re location are in Amarillo, Texas. With its difficult environment for plants to thrive freely, you need to take measures to ensure that your garden not only survives, but also bloom aesthetically. Here are just a few things to remember.


Before you start planting, consider the amount of space that you’ll put between them. Plants that are too close together don’t allow the adequate growth of their roots to acquire the moisture and nutrients that they need. The right amount of space should be placed between your plants to make sure that their roots grow evenly in the soil

Water Supply

Being in a region like Amarillo, you have to take note that you only have a limited water supply. Because of the dry seasons, you have to provide enough water for your plants to ensure their survivability. A wise decision is to put an available water source near your garden so you won’t delay in watering your plants.

Color and Contrast

For a garden to stand out, you need to apply eye-catching colors and blend them together with each other. Utilizing flowers and plants in your garden is a key factor in making it flourish. But seeing as Amarillo limits your choice of plants, you have to improvise on what to use while at the same time choosing flowers and plants that have aesthetically pleasing colors and contrast.


Symmetry and balance are important factors in creating a beautiful garden. By cutting your garden into cross-sectional boundaries, you get to see each side of your garden and consider whether or not things are balanced. In that aspect, think about a side that contains too much of your plants but none on the other side or about how one part of your garden seems plentiful but one part seems to be empty.

Path and Edging

One of the most common things that are ignored when it comes to managing the garden is the pathway. The garden path plays a vital role since it’s where people walk on upon entering your garden. Using rocks, stones, wood or other materials that can give the garden path and the edges of your garden beds a sharp look can help in the aesthetic features of your garden.

Decorations and Ornaments

Since you’re limited with the choice of plants that you can use, you can compensate by using garden ornaments and decorations that can spruce up the look of your garden. You can customize the look of the entrance to your garden, use sculptures or statues, build a small hut or pagoda – anything goes as long as these decorations blend together with the plants that you use. But it’s also important to remember not to use too much garden decorations as they may crowd up your garden, resulting in a scene of chaos and disorder.


Using a combination of the natural colors that flowers bring along with the shade of green with trees and shrubs, good lighting can bring out these colors even more. You can put up lamps to improve the atmosphere of your garden, especially at night. Garden lamps are quite common and they come in a variety of colors, allowing you the chance to experiment with them together with the blending of the colors of your plants.

Low Maintenance Plants

The heat during the summer and the frequent droughts in Amarillo proves to be great problems for most gardeners. With the blistering heat, a lot of plants end up getting dried up and dying in the process. Utilizing plants that require a lesser amount of water is a great idea since their survivability is better in this kind of environment, don’t require frequent watering and you can allocate all that water for the plants that need it more.

Managing the Soil

Amarillo possesses a difficult type of soil that’s hard and dry, making it challenging of growing certain plants here. You have to manage the soil in manner that allows adequate ventilation and looseness to allow the roots of your plants to grow freely. If you find the soil too difficult to work with, you can also choose to build garden beds that will allow you to use a different kind of soil that has more nutrition and can hold moisture better.

When you start gardening, you can’t help but forget some important factors when it comes to bringing out the true potential of your garden. Because of the freedom that gardening allows, you often exaggerate on one aspect while forgetting the other. This results in a garden that’s messy and chaotic instead of a garden that accentuates its small but valuable details.

When Amarillo becomes the location of your garden, you can’t help but feel intimidated because the environment presents you a challenge that can be difficult to tackle. You have to battle the heat, survive droughts, ensure your plants are well cultivated and more. However, even with these challenges in hand, putting up a great garden in Amarillo is a rewarding experience for anyone with a green thumb. load more……

Gambling Slots

Gambling Slots

The gambling industry has come really a long way with many countries making legislation to accept the gambling activities. There are millions of gamblers today with the numbers increasing every day. In the past gambling
activities were unheard off and become a taboo to talk about them in some circles while those who participated in this activity were shunted off from the community. Today gambling activities have even being incorporated day to day activities like in family games. Games such as cards are played in almost all corners of the world. The industry has greatly grown especially with the creation of online casinos. Currently, there are many gambling games available like slots, blackjack, roulette, bingo, keno, baccarat and so many more.

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One gambling game that has long been in the industry is the slot. Game slots have been in the gambling industry for decades dating back to the 1800s. The first slot machine was created one Sittman and Brooklyn of New York. Since then, the slot machine has undergone numerous upgrades creating the current slot design.

Types of Gambling Slot

Gambling is done in two main platforms; land-based casinos and online casinos. As a result, there are two main slots; land-based slots and online slot (video slots). Land-based slots are slightly different from online slots as one is required to manually pull the lever on the machine to get winning while video slots do all the work for you once you click on the button. Online casinos also have two different slots. These are the virtual slots and the ordinary slots. The advantage of virtual slots you get the feeling and thrive as if you were in an actual land-based casino. Both game slots give the player satisfaction depending on the likes and preference and their gambling need.

How do Slots Work?

Many people love playing slot games despite not having a clue about them all they are interested in is winnings from the game. Some believe the games are rigged by the casinos and that is why they keep losing. The fact remains slots machines use a random number generator (RNG) that picks a random number for each reel. Some slot machines have three reels while others have five. The random number generator determines the outcome of the came in slot machines.

Features of a Gambling Slot

Slots have many features. There include; Bonus games give a player an opportunity to win extra money when playing the game. It is normally awarded when you line up some particular symbols on the reel.

Free spin round gives you free changes to increase your winnings. Getting a free spin will depend on various variables like aligning certain symbols together. Cascading reels allows icons to cascade down when you win to allow more room for playing.

Coins make up the gambling experience when it comes to slots. Whether playing in a land-based casino or online the coin aspect is what drives the player to keep gambling more money or spending endless time on the game.

Theme slots have become the order of most slot machines. Unlike the traditional slots that have bells and fruits, slot machines today come in many themes. You can find a slot game with the theme of your favorite movie, animation, game and s forth.

There are any more features that make up the slot experience; progressive jackpots, pay tables paylines multiplier symbols tumbling reels and much more.

Gambling slots continue to make the gaming industry a fun place to spend quality time.

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Fashion Trends 2017


Who wouldn’t want to be in when it comes to the latest mix and matches for the daily #OOTD? Some people use their outfits to express their mood every day. And some even get late for work just to achieve that perfect fashionable look.

Who wouldn’t want to be pleasing from top to bottom of their body? From the style of the hair down to the shoe that will match the clothes. We can consider it challenging but the outcome would be outstanding. It takes some creativity and imagination to present yourself, especially when you are going to the party, to the mall, to a meeting, or even just to take your daily dose of selfies.

They say it’s the scarf and sneakers era. We know that the scarf and sneakers aren’t new things in clothing but these items are the reigning talk of the town in the present again. Check out these fashion trends 2017 and ways on how to wear the scarf and sneakers, and express yourself!

Though we know that a scarf used to be an old fashion thing, it is going back on trend and this piece of cloth will give you some accent on your outfit depending on its colors and patterns, and material.

Aside from putting it on your shoulders, here are some trendy ways to wear a scarf:

• Wrap around the head – you may wrap it around your head with a knot and let both ends settle on your shoulders. You may also wear a hat on top of the scarf.

• Wrap around the neck – you may tie the scarf around your neck to form a bow-look. The scarf can also look like a tie around the neck if you let both ends lie in front of you with one knot.

• Wrap around the waist – who says you need a belt to keep your pants on? Why not use a scarf to give it an accent? When you are at the beach, you can also use the scarf to cover your pelvic area before plunging into the water.

• Tie it on your bag – yes, not just on your garment or on your body. You can also wrap the scarf around your handbag’s handle to give it a classy look.

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So, what are you waiting for? Dig up your closet and use that scarf for your next outfit!

Everybody loves sneakers. The comfort it gives, the laces you tie with different styles and the different designs with its various shapes and colors. has announced that “sneakers are now acceptable footwear…from a polished day at the office to a slinky, sexy night at the bar.”

This time, here are some ways on how to wear sneakers in various events you’re attending, even on your typical workday:

The rule is show and hide, be simple!
• SHOW: Make sure that the sneakers are on display so wear cropped pants or a dress to make it noticeable. Make your ankles noticeable too!
• HIDE your socks. Wear shorter socks.
• Remember to be simple. Choose a solid color for a classy look.

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