Tips in Buying the Right Microwave for You

When it comes to choosing the right microwave, you have to take note of a number of factors like durability, reliability and efficiency, along with a reasonable price. However, with all the brands that keep popping up in the market, it’s getting more and more difficult to choose the microwave that suits your needs. It’s often that you buy a microwave or any appliance for that matter, but they end up being defective, fragile, too big or too small for your home or left broken after a few uses. How do I pick the right microwave? Here are just some tips that you can use:

Think About Size

Before you even think about purchasing a microwave, you have to consider where you’re planning to put it. How big or how small the size of a microwave should be noted since you don’t want to end up with an appliance that’s actually too big for your kitchen.


The higher the wattage, the faster your food will cook. Usually, the wattage of microwaves can be found from 600 watts up to 1,200 watts. Some recipes may require you to microwave your food with a specific wattage so that the food is cooked uniformly. Choosing a microwave with a high wattage means that you can cook food with the least amount of time and also adjusting it to certain recipes.


Similar in purchasing other appliances, you have to look at all the features that your prospective microwave has. It’s a smart choice in buying a microwave that’s programmable. For example, you can program it to cook at 100% and then after a while it reduces the heat to 50%. Another thing to consider is its variable cooking settings. Lastly, other handy and convenient features should be looked at like a defrost feature or specialized cooking for certain food like popcorn, meat and vegetables.


Microwaves are difficult to clean, especially after extensive use. Those without handles or those with reverse handles are easier to clean. Since there are times when food or sauces are spilled inside the microwave, a handy feature is the non-stick quality found in some microwave brands. This makes it a lot easier to clean without having all the food, oil and sauces sticking on the interior of the microwave.



Being too conscious about brand names but scrutinizing the quality and reliability of a particular company’s products is a must if you want to purchase a high quality microwave. Low quality products are frequently found in stores. These are often easily broken, already defective or just give you a couple of weeks or months before breaking down completely. This leaves you losing money from what you’ve bought and what you’ll be spending to get a new microwave. There are trusted brand names when it comes to microwaves and it’s wise to take a look at them first.

The microwave is one of the essential appliances in your kitchen. Being able to cook food quickly and in a particular detail, having a microwave is convenient. With these tips, you now know what you should look at when choosing the right microwave for your needs.

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