Points to Remember for a Great Amarillo Garden

At first glance, gardening may seem all too easy for anyone to do. With the right tools and equipment, you can start tending the soil of your lawn and plant the seeds of your prospective trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables to add life to your garden. However, that misconception often leads beginners to their demise as nurturing a garden needs a specific set of skills, an extensive stock of knowledge about gardening and the willpower to put in a significant amount of time, effort and resources to make a beautiful garden.

The region of Amarillo is unique when it comes to the location of your garden. Its warm climate that possesses unpredictable weather with hot and dry summers and the occurrence of blizzards during winter can be significant obstacles for you’re the survivability and overall quality of your garden. The soil is also difficult to manage because of its compact state and since it’s generally hard in nature.

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There are certain things that you need to take note of to make sure your garden stands out even though you’re location are in Amarillo, Texas. With its difficult environment for plants to thrive freely, you need to take measures to ensure that your garden not only survives, but also bloom aesthetically. Here are just a few things to remember.


Before you start planting, consider the amount of space that you’ll put between them. Plants that are too close together don’t allow the adequate growth of their roots to acquire the moisture and nutrients that they need. The right amount of space should be placed between your plants to make sure that their roots grow evenly in the soil

Water Supply

Being in a region like Amarillo, you have to take note that you only have a limited water supply. Because of the dry seasons, you have to provide enough water for your plants to ensure their survivability. A wise decision is to put an available water source near your garden so you won’t delay in watering your plants.

Color and Contrast

For a garden to stand out, you need to apply eye-catching colors and blend them together with each other. Utilizing flowers and plants in your garden is a key factor in making it flourish. But seeing as Amarillo limits your choice of plants, you have to improvise on what to use while at the same time choosing flowers and plants that have aesthetically pleasing colors and contrast.


Symmetry and balance are important factors in creating a beautiful garden. By cutting your garden into cross-sectional boundaries, you get to see each side of your garden and consider whether or not things are balanced. In that aspect, think about a side that contains too much of your plants but none on the other side or about how one part of your garden seems plentiful but one part seems to be empty.

Path and Edging

One of the most common things that are ignored when it comes to managing the garden is the pathway. The garden path plays a vital role since it’s where people walk on upon entering your garden. Using rocks, stones, wood or other materials that can give the garden path and the edges of your garden beds a sharp look can help in the aesthetic features of your garden.

Decorations and Ornaments

Since you’re limited with the choice of plants that you can use, you can compensate by using garden ornaments and decorations that can spruce up the look of your garden. You can customize the look of the entrance to your garden, use sculptures or statues, build a small hut or pagoda – anything goes as long as these decorations blend together with the plants that you use. But it’s also important to remember not to use too much garden decorations as they may crowd up your garden, resulting in a scene of chaos and disorder.


Using a combination of the natural colors that flowers bring along with the shade of green with trees and shrubs, good lighting can bring out these colors even more. You can put up lamps to improve the atmosphere of your garden, especially at night. Garden lamps are quite common and they come in a variety of colors, allowing you the chance to experiment with them together with the blending of the colors of your plants.

Low Maintenance Plants

The heat during the summer and the frequent droughts in Amarillo proves to be great problems for most gardeners. With the blistering heat, a lot of plants end up getting dried up and dying in the process. Utilizing plants that require a lesser amount of water is a great idea since their survivability is better in this kind of environment, don’t require frequent watering and you can allocate all that water for the plants that need it more.

Managing the Soil

Amarillo possesses a difficult type of soil that’s hard and dry, making it challenging of growing certain plants here. You have to manage the soil in manner that allows adequate ventilation and looseness to allow the roots of your plants to grow freely. If you find the soil too difficult to work with, you can also choose to build garden beds that will allow you to use a different kind of soil that has more nutrition and can hold moisture better.

When you start gardening, you can’t help but forget some important factors when it comes to bringing out the true potential of your garden. Because of the freedom that gardening allows, you often exaggerate on one aspect while forgetting the other. This results in a garden that’s messy and chaotic instead of a garden that accentuates its small but valuable details.

When Amarillo becomes the location of your garden, you can’t help but feel intimidated because the environment presents you a challenge that can be difficult to tackle. You have to battle the heat, survive droughts, ensure your plants are well cultivated and more. However, even with these challenges in hand, putting up a great garden in Amarillo is a rewarding experience for anyone with a green thumb. load more

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