Fashion Trends 2017

Who wouldn’t want to be in when it comes to the latest mix and matches for the daily #OOTD? Some people use their outfits to express their mood every day. And some even get late for work just to achieve that perfect fashionable look.

Who wouldn’t want to be pleasing from top to bottom of their body? From the style of the hair down to the shoe that will match the clothes. We can consider it challenging but the outcome would be outstanding. It takes some creativity and imagination to present yourself, especially when you are going to the party, to the mall, to a meeting, or even just to take your daily dose of selfies.

They say it’s the scarf and sneakers era. We know that the scarf and sneakers aren’t new things in clothing but these items are the reigning talk of the town in the present again. Check out these fashion trends 2017 and ways on how to wear the scarf and sneakers, and express yourself!

Though we know that a scarf used to be an old fashion thing, it is going back on trend and this piece of cloth will give you some accent on your outfit depending on its colors and patterns, and material.

Aside from putting it on your shoulders, here are some trendy ways to wear a scarf:

• Wrap around the head – you may wrap it around your head with a knot and let both ends settle on your shoulders. You may also wear a hat on top of the scarf.

• Wrap around the neck – you may tie the scarf around your neck to form a bow-look. The scarf can also look like a tie around the neck if you let both ends lie in front of you with one knot.

• Wrap around the waist – who says you need a belt to keep your pants on? Why not use a scarf to give it an accent? When you are at the beach, you can also use the scarf to cover your pelvic area before plunging into the water.

• Tie it on your bag – yes, not just on your garment or on your body. You can also wrap the scarf around your handbag’s handle to give it a classy look.

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So, what are you waiting for? Dig up your closet and use that scarf for your next outfit!

Everybody loves sneakers. The comfort it gives, the laces you tie with different styles and the different designs with its various shapes and colors.

Elle.com has announced that “sneakers are now acceptable footwear…from a polished day at the office to a slinky, sexy night at the bar.”

This time, here are some ways on how to wear sneakers in various events you’re attending, even on your typical workday:

The rule is show and hide, be simple!
• SHOW: Make sure that the sneakers are on display so wear cropped pants or a dress to make it noticeable. Make your ankles noticeable too!
• HIDE your socks. Wear shorter socks.
• Remember to be simple. Choose a solid color for a classy look.

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The gambling industry has come really a long way with many countries making legislation to accept the gambling activities. There are millions of gamblers today with the numbers increasing every day. In the past gambling
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[Fashion Trends 2017]

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Types of Gambling Slot

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How do Slots Work?

Many people love playing slot games despite not having a clue about them all they are interested in is winnings from the game. Some believe the games are rigged by the casinos and that is why they keep losing. The fact remains slots machines use a random number generator (RNG) that picks a random number for each reel. Some slot machines have three reels while others have five. The random number generator determines the outcome of the came in slot machines.

Features of a Gambling Slot

Slots have many features. There include; Bonus games give a player an opportunity to win extra money when playing the game. It is normally awarded when you line up some particular symbols on the reel.

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Coins make up the gambling experience when it comes to slots. Whether playing in a land-based casino or online the coin aspect is what drives the player to keep gambling more money or spending endless time on the game.

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Gambling slots continue to make the gaming industry a fun place to spend quality time.

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